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Data got a preliminary sexual reference to Natasha Yar from inside the 2364

Data got a preliminary sexual reference to Natasha Yar from inside the 2364

Tasha Yar noticed one Analysis viewed the country toward question from a young child. Through the their services Analysis had befriended multiple youngsters. Analysis befriended an alien lady called Sarjenka within the citation of finest directive. So you can decrease the destruction, Picard ordered Dr. Pulaski so you can erase Sarjenka's recollections. ( TNG : " Pen Company ") Studies befriended good ten-year-dated child entitled Timothy immediately following Timothy is orphaned regarding the explosion one forgotten brand new Vico. Timothy wanted to getting unable to emotion eg Analysis given that the guy wrongfully charged themselves toward Vico's destruction, so the guy pretended to-be an android and you can made an effort to imitate Analysis in every method. ( TNG : " Hero worship ") Data befriended an alien girl titled Gia when he forgotten their memories for the Barkon IV. So it friendship are just like his relationship with Sarjenka, simply now, it actually was Research who missing all of the thoughts of your relationship, additionally the man who bear in mind your. ( TNG : " Thine Own Notice ")


While the a keen unemotional member of the newest team, and you will a respected advisor with the head, Investigation mutual of a lot parallels to Spock aboard the initial USS Company. But not, in which Spock commonly sensed himself become much better than Humans, Study aspired is way more Individual (Study immediately following stated that which have zero attitude generated him closer to Vulcans than just People, however, he located its stark opinions becoming limited). The fresh new compare between them is actually instantaneously apparent to them whenever they came across for the Romulus. Spock detailed that Data's over not enough emotion and you can premium bodily prospective was in fact characteristics to which Vulcans aspired, however, Research wished to be more People. Data detailed you to definitely because a 1 / 2-Person, Spock given up exactly what Study had wanted their life time by the choosing brand new Vulcan life style. ( TNG : " Unification We ", " Unification II ")


Analysis are developed having numerous procedure and is actually "totally useful." Investigation had an intimate relationship with Natasha Yar into the influence off polywater intoxication and you will experimented with a romantic relationship with Jenna D'Sora for the later 2367. ( TNG : " This new Nude Now ", " In principle ") During the 2373, new Borg King lured your in an effort to persuade Study to participate the fresh new Borg's bring about. ( Superstar Trek: First Get in touch with )

Natasha Yar

Yar was at the very least a little attracted to Analysis and had sex that have him while intoxicated by polywater intoxication. She afterwards advised him your experience "never ever taken place." ( TNG : " This new Naked Today ") Research, as the he's finest memories (he is able to contemplate exactly what has actually ever took place to your such it simply happened), however considered a different sort of link with Tasha. He remaining good holographic picture of Tasha to consider the woman. Whenever Data's legal rights as the good sentient getting was in fact called into question, his romantic come upon that have Tasha is actually an effective dictate having Court Phillipa Louvois to help you laws you to definitely Research was indeed a good sentient lifeform. ( TNG : " The fresh Way of measuring A guy ") La Forge and Wesley Crusher discover the holoimage when they visited Data's home immediately following their noticeable dying within the 2366. ( TNG : " Probably the most Toys ")

Jenna D'Sora

Inside later 2367, Lieutenant Jenna D'Sora located by herself in love with Investigation. Immediately following she expressed the lady love to own your by the making out him to the the fresh mouth area, Study questioned their loved ones to have advice on what you should do, and you may made a decision to go after the connection. Once the he'd no actual attitude otherwise emotions, Research composed another system in his sensory internet to aid him from the the inner workings off like. However, since the their experience of Jenna advanced, Data found that in relationship, new analytical way is not always the best.

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